Control Room Video Wall

Leading corporations, governments, broadcasters, utilities, security and traffic authorities rely on BRWall control room video wall solutions to monitor their networks, identify problems and drive to quick actions. Navigating through big data, multiple IP or analog video streams and computer sources around the globe requires the latest video wall and image processing solutions, whether the control room is for 200 operators working for a telecommunications firm or three engineers smoothing out an oil and gas pipeline.
Robust Performance
FPGA Architecture, no system crashed, modular design, 6.25G/s exchange processing speed;
Hot-swappable Input and output cards, redundant power supply;
Easy to extend and maintenance;
7 x24x365 continuous operation;
Multi-Windows\ Picture in Picture\Multi-Groups
Display multiple realtime content sources with maximum flexibility;
Support Roaming, Picture in Picture, Zooming in and out, stretching, cropping;
Support multi-Groups video wall management;
Complete Interface \ Matrix Switch function \ Multi-User Management
Support 4K@60Hz, HDMI/DP/Dual-link DVI input and 4K@60hz HDMI output;
Input: VGA, HDMI, DVI, CVBS, DP, SDI, HDBaseT, IP, Fiber Optic, etc.
Output: VGA, HDMI, DVI, SDI, CVBS, HDBaseT, Fiber Optic, etc.
Support VGA/DVI/HDMI sources self-adaption on single input card;
Support HDCP2.0 for HDMI input and output;
Support Matrix switch, you can use matrix command to switch input and output contents;
Support multi-user management, different users can have different privileges;
Multi-Control method\ Signal Preview
Support C/S,B/S, Ipad control, Multi-points Synchronous control;
Support signal preview and video wall monitoring;