Creative Digital Signage Video Wall

A distinctive look is getting harder and harder to achieve using digital technology. Even the most carefully designed video wall might not capture the attention of busy people today. As a result, companies have begun to turn to an unconventional alternative: the artistic video wall. Also known as an art display wall or artistic canvas, such a wall can play a single video across all the displays for an astoundingly dramatic effect.

Dramatic video walls are popping up all over, in high-end hotels, retail stores, sports arenas, museums and universities. Artistic video walls can tell a story as an unsuspecting traveler walks through an airport, impress a person visiting an interior furnishings firm, or greet a celebrity at the world premiere for one of the most anticipated film debuts in recent history.

Creative Layout Design
Each output of XVWall artistic video wall processor can be mirrored or rotated on 90, 180, 270 degrees which breaks the tradition M*N video wall layout. You can design you multi display system in a more creative way with a mix of landscape and portrait monitors. The user friendly management software
Interface will assist you create the layout with only a few minutes.
4K Ultra HD Signal
Support 4K Ultra HD signal acquisition, available for DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI, HDMI1.4 interface.
Resolution up to 2560*1600@60Hz, 3840*2160@30Hz, adaptive backward compatible.
Unlimited Cascade
Multiple XVWall artistic video wall processor can be using together as a cascading system, which supports video walls more than 4 monitors and allows the input resolution reaches much higher than 4K. Meanwhile, cascading provides frame locking between devices which ensures the perfect synchronization of video wall performance.