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Capital International Airport Video Wall Solution

Capital International Airport Video Wall Solution

Project Background:

The traffic management video synthesis platform has established an overall operation system with data collection, integration, analysis, statistics, processing, decision-making and scheduling, which has improved the comprehensive processing capability, transmission capability and rapid response capability of various information, and realized cross-departmental Inter-regional information sharing and exchange, timely and comprehensively provide accurate information and data on traffic operation status, monitoring information, auditing and deployment, etc., and realize rapid deployment of police force through pre-planned command and dispatch and integrated communication support to ensure emergency situation, the traffic operation enables managers and decision-makers at all levels to plan and manage the most intuitive first-hand information, strengthen scientific management, improve daily office efficiency, and save a lot of money.

Project Name:

Capital International Airport Video Wall Solution

Project Requirements:

1. Support group management.
2. Support WEB, APP, PC and other management methods.
3. Support user authority hierarchical management.


The project uses BR series LED display controller to control the LED display system of the airport hall. The signal is displayed in real time synchronously, without delay or tearing, and realizes a series of functions such as visual control of the system, high-definition display, and real-time switching of signals.


1. Group management
Regional group management, function classification, display supervision, display efficiency, and multiple applications for devices.

2. Support WEB, APP, PC and other management methods
WEB and APP and PC control hybrid management mode, support cross-platform use, and support permissions and multi-user control technology.

3. User authority,hierarchical management
The system has a rich user authority management function, and the user accesses and operates the corresponding signal source list and large screen display area according to the usage authority. Multiple operators can simultaneously control and upload signals to the system at different locations, greatly improving the convenience of operation control.

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